Bringing Peace, Unity and Security to all mankind through Education and Beneficial Activities, that promote good human well-being; WHILE helping humanity learn to come together through wholesome, Positive Actions and Teachings, that unify and promote goodwill and understanding for all of mankind: men, women and children EVERYWHERE!!!


 Making the world a better place for everyone! 


With all of the HATE and HATE GROUPS found within the world of today, this charity (UNIVERSAL CONCORD) Is about everything that promotes Peace, Love and Unity, and everything that is the opposite of Hate; for all of Humanity and Mankind!!!


(Universal Concord is a charity, that is actually devoted to the betterment of all the human race, (as a whole): all of humanity, all of mankind; everyone and everybody, everywhere, in every place and location found on this tiny, little globe of a planet, we all find ourselves living on and call home! And so, this charity, and it’s services and resources, are open to, and include, (All of Humanity, All of Mankind): everyone and everybody, everywhere; because this charity is really, truly, all about (PEACE and UNITY and SECURITY) for all of the entire human race; and what-so-ever, that will help to bring about or help promote, Peace and Unity and Security within all of mankind, (The Entire Human Race); while fostering true feelings of goodwill, and well-being, and true companionship, and true actual brotherhood and understanding, FOR ALL OF HUMANITY AND MANKIND!!!


You see:

Universal Concord was created because I saw the need for more peace and security and  (true, actual unity and brotherhood) within the human race, years ago, and started acting upon that need. You see, there is so much hardship and hatred and hostility, within the world of today; that most of the people just don’t know where to go, or what to do, to find peace and serenity for themselves; let alone having true, actual peace and tranquility, for their families and their children. And if you don’t have real, feelings of peace and tranquility of the mind, you don’t have real, actual, true feelings of peace and security for yourselves or for those people living with you; be they your significant others, or your children and little ones. For security, and I do mean Real, Actual, True Security, is the Real, True, Actual Goal for most of the human race living here on this planet with us, if you get right down to it; and yet Peace and True, Actual Security for everybody; for all of humanity and mankind; is up to this present day and time; something that is seemingly, of the most allusive nature for most of the human race, in this present world of today!

And so, what is needed here for today; is something that can help to (unite mankind); something that will help to bring about more peace, and harmony and true, actual brotherhood and understanding within (the entire human race); and that is where the charity (Universal Concord) comes in! It is our goal, and the goal of this entire charity, to help teach and to help educate all of humanity; Through: (Information and Positive, Beneficial Activities), to the fact, that there is a better way for man to be living; that there is a better way for all of mankind, as a whole, to be doing things, in a more positive and more constructive manor; with a more productive and beneficial approach for all of humanity to be living out his or her life, on this tiny, little globe of a planet we all find ourselves living on; that is more conducive to the real development and the true well-being of the entire human race; that does not just involve, more hardship and bloodshed, and more misery; and just more human debauchery, on the part of more corrupt, self-seeking individuals; and of-course, (the truly dangerous and destructive): forced notions, beliefs and ideologies of one group of people, forcing their thoughts, beliefs and ideologies on another group of people; which, of-course, is no real pathway to true lasting peace, for anyone or anybody, who is having their choices and opinions replaced and stolen away from them! That only leads to more ~ (hatred, conflict and violence)!!! ~ (for more information on this topic see, more information about Universal Concord and world problems!)

You see:


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And so:

Universal Concord than, is an approach by myself and other, like-minded people, like myself, to help bring about more peace, unity and fellowship, and true, actual feelings of brotherhood and understanding, (into the hearts and minds of all mankind); While helping (all of humanity) to realize and foster, (the true, actual desires) for peace and true feelings of Love and Compassion (for one another); within the hearts, thoughts, minds and actions (of all of mankind), throughout this entire human world we all find ourselves living on!!! Because, what we seem to have going on here, in this very troubled world of today, is something of a (complete mess), with many groups of people, like ISIS and the Taliban etc…, (striving to create: complete and total discord and mayhem) within the entire human world, as they try to create (complete and total bedlam, disharmony and anarchy), within the world of mankind; 

And so, we must all take the time and remember that, (WE ARE ONE HUMAN FAMILY!!!)

                 Sailing through the cosmos, signed-65pix

Because, there are some people living here in this world with us, (in this current day and time), who are going out of their way, to do everything in their power, to stop, oppress and oppose the true actual process of (Peace and Unity) within this human world we live in; WHILE trying to create complete and absolute (distrust, disunity, pandemonium, and true absolute chaos and dysfunction), within the entire human race; while they try to (manipulate and control) all of humanity, through a barrage of lies, deceit, oppression and confusion; as they strive to completely (Divide, Conquer and Restrict) all of our human (Thoughts, Rights and Actions)!!!

But you see:

This charity (UNIVERSAL CONCORD), is really, truly all about real, actual PEACE and UNITY and True, Actual (LOVE and COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING) within the entire world of mankind, and everything that is associated with Peace and Unity and Understanding within the human race; because everything that these malevolent, hate filled miscreant-hate mongers do is completely opposed to, and against, anything and everything that promotes Peace and Unity and Understanding within the world of mankind, because all of these True Human Values, go completely against everything that these (terroristic, fanatical, hate-mongers stand for); and so, everything that these warped, hate-mongers do is guided by their deep seeded desire and need to divide and separate us from one another; because, these people are actually opposed to real, actual (Peace and Unity and Understanding) within the world of mankind; because a (unified and united) people and human world, can’t be so easily controlled and manipulated, by these sick, twisted people, who so desperately want to rule and control us! And so their goal and agenda for us, is to create complete and total (disunity, suspicion, distrust, separation and pandemonium) within the entire human family; and an absolute desire and need for the people to (dislike one another, and completely distrust and abandon one another); and just live our lives apart from, and (SEPARATE) from all of our fellow human brothers and sisters, living here on this planet with us; (so we will just completely ignore and abandon all of the rest of the people living here in this world with us, to all of the many horrors and injustices being perpetrated on and against them, by all of these sick and twisted, fanatics and hate-mongers who would kill, maim and torture anyone and everyone who would dare to disagree with them or live their lives differently from them, and not believe, and not do exactly what they tell them to do or Question Their Authority)!!! And so, EVERYTHING in this world we live in, that is (actually opposed) to Peace and Goodwill, and EVERYONE who is actually opposed to, or fighting against, Unity and Fellowship, within our fellow human family, is ((Actually Just All Part of The PROBLEM), and just helping these sick, twisted, miscreants, to create this problematic situation)), in this world right now!!! And so all of those people who are actually striving to create all of this disunity and dysfunctional-separatism within the human race, may not actually be planting bombs or shooting and killing innocent people themselves, but they are still helping these sick, twisted, fanatical-miscreants (just the same); by helping them in their cause, to create a truly disunified and distrustful, dysfunctional, suspicion-ridden humanity, (just the same); by all of their words and actions, designed to keep us separate and apart from one another and wary and suspicious and afraid of one another!


What we really need to do here, (in this very troubled world of today): is for humans to start acting like real, true, actual human brothers and sisters, and we need to start behaving and acting more like a real, true, actual human family; because these other people of hate, absolutely desire, and are absolutely striving for all of us to completely abandon one another, and completely distrust and hate one another, so these Hate-Mongers can totally and completely undermine and sabotage the true, actual process for humanity to actually achieve and realize true, actual: (Peace, and Unity, and Goodwill, and Compassion, and Concord, and Understanding and True Actual Brotherhood etc), within in Our hearts and in Our lives; so all of mankind can actually live together in, and have true actual (Peace, Unity, Goodwill and Understanding) for one another, and for all of humanity and mankind; because these people of hate, just want to control us, and control and restrict all of ours, and all of humanities thoughts and actions!!! 

But again, it absolutely needs to be remembered, that we are still one human family,


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And so:

We must all learn to work together and care about one another, because all of us are, in-fact, living here, together, on this one tiny little planet, because all of us are, in reality (one human family); and so, what we really need to do here, is strive to over come all of these difficulties, and all of this mess and adversity and obstacles that are being put up and created for us; and we absolutely need to try moving forward now; and that is where this charity (Universal Concord) comes in, and what (Universal Concord) is being created to help us do, in the first place; to try helping humanity move forward, so we can really have true, actual (Peace, Unity, Understanding and Concord within our lives and in this world of our’s!


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Which again, is what this charity, (UNIVERSAL CONCORD) is really, truly all about!


(This Charity), though originally thought up and created, to only be a means of distributing information and martials about Peace and Unity, into the world, and the process of how this might be achieved; it was also created to be a platform to help raise the level of the consciousness and awareness (of humanity), and to help bring about more Understanding and Brotherhood into (the human world). But than, This Charity has now taken on the mantel of so much more, since when it was first conceived; with the actual drafting of the articles of incorporation, and the subsequent acceptance oall of those same said terms and agreements; which have now opened up the doors to so many more possibilities and so many more ways to help make this world of our’s, into a better place for (human beings) to live in! So yes, the whole idea and concept of This Charity has changed somewhat, since I first conceived these original thoughts and ideas about This Charity, so many years ago; but This Charity is now so much better and more able to help humanity in it’s present form.   

And yes, we still have some of the same thoughts and objectives in place that I originally intended to do with This Charity, (Universal Concord), since when the idea for this charity was first conceived. Universal Concord is still going to share and distribute information, designed to help make this world of our’s into a better place for all of mankind to be living in; through infomercials, written materials, adds and brochures etc… but this charity is also now going to be able to do so much more!


If food is needed (somewhere in the world) or medicine or doctors or rebuilding (do to natural or man made disasters) or training  or education or care and relief  etc… the people and resources of This Charity, (Universal Concord), can come into action and we can move forward and work with and help these people in need and dire straits!

So, if a problem arises in this world, measures can be taken, and actions set in place, so help can be sent, and these problems can be met and taken care of; just as long as the funds and resources are available, to help us take care of these problems; (and that is where help and resources from people are needed)!!! We need help to do all of the things in this world, that are in need of being done! We need help to do what actually needs to be done here, to help make this world of our’s into a better place, (for all of us to live in); and that is where you, (the people who are reading this message), if you are truly interested in helping us, to make this world of our’s, into a better place (for all of us to live in), come into play. We (Desperately) need your help, to do all of the things that are truly in need of being done here, in this world of our’s, to help make this world of our’s, into a better place (for all of us to live in); (So Please Give From Your Heart), if you TRULY desire to help us make this world of our’s, into a better place (for all of us to live in)!!!

We are trying to do what we can to make this world of our a better place for all of us to live in, So I am going to do what I can to make things better for all the human race and all of the people living here on this planet we are all living on; HOW ABOUT YOU?

Checks for contributions, can be made out to Universal Concord and sent to:

Universal Concord

P.O. Box 844

Frankfort, KY 40602


Contributions can be made directly through Pay Pal which is set up at the bottom of this page.

Thank you.


Edward A. Jewell ~ CEO ~ Universal Concord.


BY: Edward Jewell

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Written and created by Edward Jewell.